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The Institute of MERIT is thrilled to be able to bring back a program that was started in 2007 but was forced to be terminated in 2009 due to insufficient funding. The program coordinator, Dr. Robert Gerver, will be the primary instructor. Dr. Gerver is the author of the book Writing Math Research Papers – A Guide for Students and Instructors along with many other books on the same topic. Guest lecturers will be brought in to broaden the scope of the program and to focus on researched based technology. Each participant will be expected to select a topic, produce a well-documented paper, and present the paper at one of the local competitions such as the Long Island Math Fair.

Classes will take place on Saturday mornings from 9 AM to 11:30 AM at SUNY College at Old Westbury. There will be 12 classes focused on research techniques and the technology available to assist in making conjectures and analyzing mathematical relationships. Classes will begin in September and continue until February. No classes will be held over Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any 3-day weekend vacations.

Areas of study will include:
1. routine versus non-routine problems
2. defying your intuition
3. the art of technical writing, annotating, equation editing and naïve proofreading
4. finding patterns and making conjectures
5. determining a suitable and exciting research topic
6. learning to read mathematics journals
7. components of a research paper
8. preparing and critiquing oral presentations
9. learning to use Excel to perform mathematical calculations and analysis
10. using Geometer’s Sketchpad and Geogebra to develop assumptions
11. calculator and computer programming

Requirements for Applicants
Applicant must have successfully completed the ICPS program
The student must be in tenth or eleventh grade in September 2015
A commitment to attend all classes must be agreed to by both parent and child

Download Letter to Parents and Application