Community Events

As part of the larger community at SUNY Old Westbury, the Institute of MERIT has taken on the responsibility of bringing to the campus additional events that widen the scope of mathematics education beyond Long Island and New York City.

The Annual Nassau Mathematics Tournament has been taking place at SUNY Old Westbury since it began in 1985. It takes place the first Friday in February and is administered by the Vice President, Art Kalish, of the Nassau County Interscholastic Mathematics League.

LIMAÇON is the Long Island Mathematics Conference held annually at SUNY Old Westbury. Although the conference is managed by a committee, separate from the College, the grant supporting the Leadership Training program also helps to support the conference. The director of the Institute of MERIT is an active member of the Board of Directors and assists with the writing of the brochure and all the room arrangements.

The Nassau County Math Tourney for Grades 4-6 will be held as SUNY Old Westbury on May 3, 2013.