The Institute of MERIT is happy to announce an all new program for the graduates of the Institute of Creative Problem Solving for Gifted and Talented Students (ICPS) who will be entering grade 8 or 9 in September. The program began in September 2019 and consisted of 8 Saturday morning classes. The objective of the program was to introduce students to the engineering design process and the fundamentals of robotic construction in order to build problem solving skills, advance critical thinking, broaden creative and innovative reasoning and to encourage a love of mathematics. Students worked in small groups to allow for more personal instruction by the teacher and to enable collaboration in a comfortable environment. No prior experience was required.

The class was an outstanding success and was offered again for September 2021. Within 24 hours of making the application available to past ICPS students, the class was filled. The program will consist of 12 sessions with all sessions devoted to the use of the SnappyXO Design-Driven Robotics Education Kit. At the culmination of the scheduled classes, students will be allowed to take home the kits in order to continue learning and understanding the programming and engineering process. The fee of $450 will help to cover the cost of the materials and instructors. The 2022 application will be available March 26, 2022.

To see a detailed description and eligibility requirements visit us at: MERIT Robotics Class

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