Nassau Mathematics Tournament

The NMT, Nassau Mathematics Tournament is a one-day event open to all high schools both public and private. It takes place on the Campus of SUNY College at Old Westbury on the first Friday in February. Generally, about 37 schools from across the County send students to participate in this competition. The tournament consists of three different events. A grade level exam starts the day . This consists of 15 non-calculator questions administered to each of the different grade levels represented in the tournament. This is followed by a set of 10 mathlete questions similar to the monthly competitions that students take. A calculator may be used for this part as well as the last part. The last set of 20 questions is designed for students to work in teams of 5 to produce one set of answers. An awards ceremony follows lunch and all participants receive a t-shirt and a complete set of questions and solutions to take home.

Many teachers are involved in creating the problems and editing them after they are typeset. The director of MERIT acts as a liaison for the tournament and makes sure that the rooms are available so that the event runs smoothly.