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Learning Mathematics Opens Doorways: Success and confidence in the art of mathematics opens pathways to new adventures and otherwise unavailable career opportunities. Inspiring students to engage with mathematical concepts is a primary goal of the Institute. Sharing ones enthusiasm and passion for mathematics is the key to that inspiration.

Training Teachers to become Lead Teachers:  A strong commitment to teacher training and mentoring is one of the fundamental bases for the Institute. Preparing teachers who advance into leadership positions in their schools and districts increases the probability for a combinatorial explosion of well-prepared instructors who will teach and lead future generations of students.

Research in Mathematics:  An integral portion of the Institute will be devoted to the development of a program for students involved in mathematical research. The Institute will provide college professors who are skilled in investigating and exploring new mathematical concepts and/or applications of existing theories that promote greater depth of understanding for the student participants.

Technology Supports Education:  Although it is the role of technology to support education, it is rapidly becoming a force that aids in the development of new mathematics. Software and hardware have combined to produce new ways to analyze data, create hypotheses, and verify suppositions. The Institute plans to develop a technology laboratory that will train teachers in skills that are necessary to bolster confidence in the knowledge that is brought to the classroom.

Provide a Conduit for Mathematical Events:  The Institute will encourage local groups to participate in events that foster collaboration among instructors at every level of education. The mathematics communities of New York City and Long Island have long united in their efforts to augment the development of mentorships throughout the area via conferences such as Limacon. The Institute plans to continue to broaden the scope of such events.