Fixed Width Reponsive


The partnership consortium – Institute of Leadership Training for Teaching Mathematics and Technology has designed quality content and workshops that are intensive and sustained to have lasting positive effect on classroom teaching and student achievement.  The project staff and Advisory Board has developed strategies and activities to increase and retain the number of teachers in high-need schools:

•Arrange workshop sessions on G.E.S.A. training (Generating Expectations for Student Achievement) an equitable approach to educational excellence.
•Each session will examine ways to encourage self-esteem and responsibility for underrepresented and underserved students so they can more ably participate in mathematics and technology.
•Network learning communities to create cooperative working relationships among teacher participants from high-need schools with the support of project staff and school administrators to work jointly for innovative teaching and improved student achievement.
•Develop presentation and leadership skills to encourage the participants from high need schools to present workshops at local conferences such as LIMACON, T.H.A.T., and Family Math Day as well as national conferences with NCTM.
•Invite and encourage the participant teachers to be involved in local mathematics education committees and associations to build their commitment for mathematics education for the nation.
•Develop a mentoring system to monitor, to consult with and to support participants continuously to develop their innovative approach and implementation for classroom teaching.
•Keep continuous follow-up educational service and consultation available to support and maintain their innovative teaching skills and new ideas through the Annual Long Island Mathematics Conference and the established Teacher Resource Center at the SUNY/College at Old Westbury.