Fixed Width Reponsive


Recruiting will emphasize preference for teachers from high-need schools and novice teachers. The superintendents of the high need school districts are invited to nominate 50 in-service teachers. The project staff and Advisory Board will apply the following criteria:

•The proposed participants must recognize both the importance of integrating mathematics and technology and of developing problem-solving skills in these areas.
•The proposed participants must express a desire to develop leadership skills in these areas and to commit to provide in-service training for their peer teachers in his/her school district.
•The project staff will ensure minority teachers’ participation by personally contacting or visiting appropriate officials in high-need schools.
•The participants must agree to complete all pre-tests and post-tests, complete questionnaires and evaluation forms, write an integrated mathematics/technology activity for their school, and incorporate training received into his/her class teaching.
•The participants, school administrators and project staff will work toward the implementation of new approaches in their schools through a comprehensive systematic approach.
•The participants will present workshops at the Annual Long Island Mathematics Conference to disseminate their new ideas and approaches to a large number of teachers from New York area.
•The participants will demonstrate a desire to support the implementation of a systemic change in curriculum, instruction and assessment practices in their school districts.