Fixed Width Reponsive


The program director established partnership agreements with 12 high-need school districts from Long Island.  All those schools will maintain partnership to implement new ideas and skills resulting in a comprehensive systemic approach for the years 2012-15.

Superintendents, principals and mathematics directors provide their support of the Institute, and of teacher and student participation in project activities.
These activities include
•Assisting in the recruitment and nomination of teacher participants.
•Contributing monetarily through teacher substitute pay for meetings and conference and providing funds to purchase materials for teachers to implement new approaches learned.
•Providing mentoring service for participating novice teachers
•Providing available space for workshop presentation, in-service and meetings.
•Attending joint meetings with project staff and participant teachers.
•Assisting in evaluation process and change in their districts.
•Participating in annual conference and selected workshop sessions.

Teachers from partnership school districts become involved by:
•Identifying needs of their schools and offering suggestions for improvement.
•Implementing the program in their school districts to improve teaching quality and professional development that will meet the needs of high-need school districts.
•Evaluating the training provided in the workshops, recording reactions as they implement this training in the classroom, and assessing strengths and weaknesses with project staff.
•Administering the pre-test and post-test to their classes and evaluating their student achievement.
•Presenting or attending workshops at the Annual Long Island Mathematics Conference which is an integral part of The Institute of Leadership Training for Teaching Math and Technology of TLQP.
•Creating integrated lessons or activities, to be taught to classes, to be shared within their schools, and to be evaluated by project co-participants.


Professional mathematics teachers organizations, the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Education of the College of Old Westbury are involved in all stages of the program. The School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Education will assign instructors and workshop leaders for the program. The colleges at Old Westbury will provide classrooms, computer lab and necessary supplies. The faculty members will participate in the program evaluation process.


The Advisory Board for the project consists of leaders from Nassau and Suffolk Mathematics Teachers Associations, Nassau County Association of Mathematics Supervisors, New York State Mathematics Teachers Association, Math Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools, Hofstra University, University of Toronto, MoMath, Brookhaven National Laboratory, and members of Dr. Lee’s family. The Advisory Board will assist by:

•Announcing the program availability among their professional members to apply
•Working with project staff to determine needs for professional development for school districts.
•Contributing to the planning, implementing and evaluating of the program.
•Coordinating the Annual Long Island Mathematics Conference, as means to disseminate new ideas and approaches for teachers in Long Island and New York City.